Heads of HE Providers


As leaders of their institutions, heads of higher education providers must ensure their provider complies with the Prevent statutory duty. The Prevent duty guidance tasks Vice-Chancellors explicitly with achieving active engagement with other partners such as the police and regional Prevent co-ordinators. The guidance also expects that students are consulted and engaged on their plans for implementing the duty.


The Prevent training materials available on this site should help the heads of higher education providers fulfil their role. Of particular relevance is the second component of the main training materials, entitled ‘The Leadership Challenge’.  

Leaders are expected to ensure institutions deliver internal partnerships, external partnerships, effective risk assessment and action planning. The sixth component of the Prevent training materials, ‘Risk assessment and action planning’, provides information on how leaders can achieve this. If institutions fail to comply with this duty formal action could be potentially taken by the Secretary of State.

Commissioned by the Department of Education and created by Advance HE, this website has a collection of talking head videos exploring the experiences of practitioners in implementing the Prevent duty. The 'Universities and their communities' film looks at the importance of developing and maintaining strong partnerships between universities and their local communities.

More widely, compliance with Prevent requires both appropriate policies and procedures to be in place to the meet the expectations of the Prevent guidance and that these procedures are properly followed and applied. For an overview of the Prevent duty and for information on how it is monitored please visit our Prevent overview page.


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